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Why Studtors?

We go above and beyond in order to show our clients why we’re the best option for their needs, which include unique and qualified tutors to ensure your top satisfaction. 

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Excellent Tutors

Best of the BEST for you.

Studtors admits tutors through a rigorous recruitment process. Studtors’ adamant stance is that all admitted tutors must have achieved the highest grades in their subject(s) of expertise. Studtors accept tutors that have obtained international certificates, including but not limited to, IGCSE, IB, A-Levels, SAT.

Studtors' training

Polishing our tutor's teaching abilities

Our admitted tutors are required to undergo a thorough training programme that is the product of an intensive collaborative project between our Research & Development team and our Consultants and Mentors. The training aims to familiarise the tutors with Studtors resources, improve upon their lesson delivery skills, and test their ability to respond to challenges that might arise in a classroom.  


We update our teaching methodologies through monthly meetups with academic consultants. 

Our Consultants

Unrivalled Resources

An extensive collection of academic materials and teaching tools

We at Studtors seek to make the tutoring experience as comprehensive as possible for both tutors and students.

Here is a list of Studtors resources that will make your experience better:

  • An exhaustive set of physical resources that are readily deployable such as textbooks, toolboxes, and more.

  • Tutors are encouraged to purchase additional materials for their classes that they deem necessary, and they will be compensated for it. 

  • Professional academic experts and consultants to offer guidance and assistance to our tutors

  • A designated office for our tutors to facilitate the process of developing lessons for their tutoring sessions. 

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Transparency & Credibility 

Reviews, Qualifications to videos

We share with you our tutors’ qualifications, ratings, introductory videos, and reviews 


To assist our users in finding the right tutor, we have laid out all relevant information about our tutors on our app. Through the Tutor Profile page, users can view the tutor’s set of qualifications, previous customer ratings, short introductory videos, and customer reviews. 

Our Tutors



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