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Reviewing for the Exam

Our Resources

We help our tutors craft perfect lessons!

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Financial Support

At Studtors, we value creativity and active learning. Our tutors are encouraged to purchase additional materials that they deem necessary. Tutors can request funds to purchase any tool that could complement their lessons such as Biology models, Physics & Chemistry experiment materials, Computer parts, and many more! 


Physical Resources

Whether it be Academic textbooks, teaching toolboxes, a library of exam past papers, or technological gadgets, we at Studtors have it all. We provide a variety of resources available for free, giving our tutors the chance to develop innovative pedagogical methods. 

Student Writing

Teaching Kits

Consultancy & Mentorship 

We at Studtors are revolutionising tutoring through promoting active learning. Experiential learning and hands-on approaches are the pivotal themes of our tutoring sessions. We provide a large collection of toolboxes that contain a multitude of apparatuses to help our tutors make the learning experience of the students more interesting. 

*These kits are designed according to the IGCSE, IB and A-Levels syllabus.

To guarantee our tutors are providing an excellent service, they are placed under the supervision of our experienced mentors and consultants. With years of experience in the education field, our accomplished mentors share their most valuable teaching techniques and strategies with our tutors to further enhance their teaching skills. 


Fully Equipped Classrooms

Worried that your child will not have the best learning environment at home? Worry no more! Located in Cyberport, our classrooms provide a convenient setup for a worthwhile learning experience. To reserve a classroom for a particular tutoring session, users can make use of the booking feature on our app. 

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