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What services do Studtors offer?

Our tutors offer online Zoom tutoring and offline classes on all international examination syllabus (IGCSE, IB, A-Levels, SAT, AP, HKDSE). Our large selection of tutors cover various subjects from Sciences to Humanities and even Language! Download our App now to view all subjects and curriculums that we offer.

Can I bid higher than the stated price if my desired tutor’s time slot is full?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this feature yet. Therefore, it is not available to do so on Studtors at the moment.

How are prices set on Studtors?

We aim to provide you the best tutoring experience in which we tailor our services to meet your expectations. For more information about our prices, please contact one of Studtors’ representatives on Contact Us.

Why can't I schedule a class with the tutors directly?

To protect your security, we strongly recommend not scheduling classes with tutors directly. Studtors will not be able to facilitate the class and ensure that the safety and quality of the class is correctly conducted if done without Studtors. Also,Studtors reserves the right to suspend the accounts of the users violating the rule. Doing so, the available balance in the account may be frozen and a penalty may be imposed. It is in our best interest to safeguard the security of parents and tutors. For more information on our services, please visit Why Studtors?.

What if I find out that the tutor is not suitable for my child after conducting a class?

We understand that some tutors may not be fully compatible with your child. If you are not satisfied with the tutor, you can choose and book another tutor on the Studtors app or contact our consultants at Studtors for advice. We are always ready to understand your needs and provide you with suggestions on tutors.

Does Studtors offer group tutoring?

Unfortunately, all tutoring sessions on Studtors are individual based. We strongly encourage private 1-on-1 sessions so that the tutors can focus solely and provide a tailor-made study plan for the student. We believe that this will lead to a greater academic improvement in a shorter period of time.

Contacting Us

Where is Studtors located?

We deliver a tutor to your choice of tutoring location or through online class. Alternatively, if you’d like to consult with our team, Studtors’ Headquarter is based at Shop 414, level 4, the Arcade. 100 Cyberport Road. Hong Kong. You can also contact us at +852 5613 7115 to schedule an in-person meeting at our Cyberport HQ or a Zoom meeting with our representative.

Is it possible for me to speak to a Studtors representative?

Yes! We are available in-person or via online Zoom calls. Please contact us at +852 5613 7115 to schedule an in-person meeting at our Cyberport HQ or a Zoom meeting with our representative.

Who should I contact if I encountered a problem during my sessions?

We are very sorry to hear about your bad experience. We hope you can share with us the incident via submitting a report through My Account page on the Studtors app or via +852 5613 7115. We will attend to your case within 1 working day.


How do I rebook my previous tutor?

On the History page, you can view all the tutors that you have previously booked. Please click the Rebook button on the page to schedule another class with your previous tutor.

Can I make an automatic recurring booking for a tutor (eg. Same slot for every week)?

No. Since it is up to the tutors to free up their time slots on a bi-weekly basis, we are afraid that we cannot guarantee that the tutor will have the same time slot freed up every week. However, we have designed the app to make repeated bookings simple and convenient. Rebook tutors via the History tab in the app for a quick rebook!


How can I top-up my wallet funds?

Our electronic top-up system is currently under development. We apologize for the inconvenience. Currently, the payment channels available are bank transfer and cheque. Please contact one of Studtors’ representatives through Contact Us and we will be happy to walk you through the process.

Can the credits in my account be used on different tutors?

Yes! You are free to book any tutor for whichever child you want to be tutored. The credits are usable in your own account.

Can I transfer or receive credits from another account?

No, we do not offer this feature on Studtors.

What happens to my credits after I have booked a class with a tutor?

Your credits will be placed in a buffer held by Studtors. If there are no reports or complaints made within 48 hours after the class, the buffer will be released to the tutor. If there is a report or complaint made, Studtors team will investigate on this matter and reimburse the buffer accordingly after the investigation is completed.


Will tutors have access to my child’s previous student reports?

No, the tutors will not have automatic access to your child’s previous student reports. If you wish to show them the student reports, please show it to them physically before the tutoring session. We have taken this measure to protect your child’s privacy.

Will the tutors know if I browsed their profile?

No, the tutors will not be informed who has browsed their profiles.

How do I contact Studtors Support?

Please visit our Contact Us for more information.

Lesson cancellation

Is there a penalty for last minute cancellations?

There will be a 25% penalty charged from the total fee of the booking for any class cancelled within 24 hours to 1 hour prior to the class start time. If you request to cancel within 1 hour prior to the class start time, there will be a 50% penalty charged from the total fee of the booking. This is to compensate the tutor’s time reserved and the preparation for the cancelled lesson. Please note that you can always call us to cancel!

When can I cancel without receiving a cancellation penalty?

For any class cancelled beyond 24 hours from the class start time, there will be no penalty charged.

Can I postpone my class?

You can modify the lesson time freely, only if the class start time is beyond 24 hours. However, the postponed lesson will be only confirmed after the tutor agrees to the time change. Otherwise, you cannot delay the lesson.

What happens if the tutor does not show up to the scheduled class?

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience. The class fee will be fully refunded to your wallet. Also, as compensation, we will offer extra credits (the same amount as the class fee) to your wallet.

What happens if I do not show up to the scheduled class?

As much as we value your time, we believe that our tutors’ time is important too. Therefore, 100% of the scheduled class fee will still be released to the tutor.


Is there a certain period where a refund is guaranteed after payment?

There is no set period for refunds. The status of a refund request is to be confirmed after evaluation and consultation with the Studtors management team.

Will there be a fee charged on refund?

There will be a 10% handling fee on the available balance for any refunds.

How long will a refund take?

A refund will take about a week. This includes the application period and the bank processing time.

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